Reverse Cams

The reverse camera is specifically designed to be installed at the rear of the vehicle. As many delivery vehicles or large vehicles have what are called “blind spots” or “kill zones”, this camera helps in backing up safely. The reverse camera is also called the back-up camera.

How the Reverse Camera Works

reverse-cameraThe reverse camera’s viewing system is installed on the display unit of the vehicle, while the camera itself is installed at the rear of the vehicle at the lowest point, namely the logo. Have a look at a VW or Volkswagen Golf MK7 logo and you will see the position. The camera is so designed to give a mirrored image as though looking at the object upside down. It is horizontally flipped so you are looking at the image on the viewer as though the image is directly in front of you. If this was not done, the driver would be unable to determine his true right from left while backing up.

This design is to give the driver a true view of the area behind the car at all times. The reverse camera gives the driver a wide-angled view of his surroundings at the rear of the car in a horizontal sweep from left to right. It is also angled in a downward position so the driver has a complete view of even what is on the ground while reversing. Doors, walls, and even objects nearby are seen by the driver while he is navigating in reverse and do so safely. These features are automatically activated once the vehicle is put in reverse.

Types of Reverse Camera Systems

  • Trailers or motor homes are installed with a remote-control camera system which the driver is able to tilt up and down as needed. The system is worked by the servomechanism system that it is connected to.rev-cam
  • Night-vision reverse cameras are used dually with the vehicle’s reverse lights when they are not sufficient while backing up. These night-vision reverse cameras use infrared light beams to plot and map the position for the driver while backing up.
  • Portable reverse cameras are also an option for you to install as a DIY job. The viewer is installed on the sun visor while the camera is installed through the trunk into the license plate frame.
  • Technology has advanced the reverse camera system so that car owners can stream their signals through their Smartphone, any blue tooth device, or even their WIFI system.

Some vehicles are manufactured with an installed reverse camera system. For example, the Hummer H2 is fitted with a system that replaces one of the taillights. It is positioned so as to not be noticeable. Others are put on as a choice by vehicle owners. Installation of some of these systems is very simple and they can be mounted without disrupting the features of the car. They are installed cleanly and not even noticeable to the naked eye and do not look unsightly after being installed.