Self-driving Cars

self-driving-carsTechnology has taken the world into a new dimension which we only dreamed of in years past when we watched Sci-Fi movies and cartoons. We see where our imaginations are able to take us, and we envision what the world would be like if we are able to achieve certain things. Today, we have the technology that is able to make Self-Driving Cars available!

Google is one such innovative innovator, which has delved into the Sci-Fi world and has created the self-driving car. The prototype car is able to take you anywhere in the world without having a driver at the wheel. The concept is for you to be able to get in the car and the push of a button will send you on your way – sitting in the car while it drives you to your destination. The vehicle is not equipped with a steering wheel, so you have no manual control of the vehicle.

How does the Self-Driving car work?

Because it is a computer-operated car, it has sensors, radars, and cameras strategically placed on the top of the car. It is able to identify objects we would encounter on a daily basis during our commute. It identifies pedestrians, other vehicles large or small, cyclists, animals, buildings, and will even identify the curb. The sensors will tell the car when and what movements to make. It is able to predict whether a pedestrian is going to cross the street, whether a cyclist is going to make a sudden turn or come out into the car’s path. When these predictions are made by the self-driving car, it will slow down and allow the pedestrian to cross or make room for the indecisive cyclist. At a speed of 25mph, it can drive through any neighborhood and not cause any untoward situations. This is being tested in residential communities which generally have a considerable number of families. The speed for test driving on a major highway is 35mph.

car-sensorsThe self-driving car has a geographic locator programmed into its system, just like a GPS, which indicates the vehicle’s exact position at all times. The destination is programmed into the system before the car begins its journey.

The self-driving car is powered by chargeable batteries. There is a backup system installed that allows for steering and breaking if the need arises. Unlike other normal cars, this car is designed with a rounded shape in order to enhance its sensor capabilities and is able to have the perfect vision during a drive.

Google’s Prototype Self-driving cars have test drivers in the cars. This is to gather data to ensure the many programs work as they should as well as to make suggestions for improvement. They are also trained to drive the vehicle in the event it develops any issues.

The vision of a self-driving car is really one that a lot of people is excited about. The possibilities are endless for this technology; blind persons will be able to get around at a safer and faster pace, non-drivers will be able to utilize this technology to get from one place to another. The elderly who have problems getting a renewal of their license will no longer have this issue.