Tips for finding a good parking spot

Finding a good parking spot is like finding the perfect apartment or home. You want to be sure your car is parked in a safe neighborhood or parking garage, especially if you plan to be a while. If the parking space is needed during working hours, you need to find a space close enough to your work. Having a night out at a new restaurant or going to a meeting or even going to a game can be very tedious, especially if you choose to drive. Finding a good parking space is a lot of work and takes skill.

easy-parkingFinding Parking when Visiting a New Restaurant

Many upscale restaurants will have valet parking and determining this fact will save you a lot of time looking for a good parking spot. If the restaurant does not offer valet parking, then you may want to do a drive around the day before to have an idea where to find the best place to park, or if there is parking near or in front of the building. Maybe taking a taxi to the venue is the best option.

Parking for Work

You already know the issues with finding a good parking space or even getting one. You need to get to work early; you will be amazed how many parking spaces are available. Most people challenge the system by just getting to work on time, and are in trouble getting a parking spot near enough for work. Pre-planning is important in this regard.

At games

The strategy you use for finding a parking space for work may not work if you are going to watch a game. There are lots of people going to the game and they will also be having difficulty finding a parking spot. The smart thing to do is to get to the game early. You will be able to get a good parking spot as well as get into the stadium without battling through a crowd.

If you are late

parkingArriving late and trying to find a parking spot can be a drag. You will have to be very patient. Drive around slowly through the parking lot and you WILL hopefully see someone leaving. This is the best way to get a parking space. One thing you need to bear in mind, other people will have the same idea, so there may be a challenge to get the spot first.

Waiting at the entrance to the parking lot is also a good strategy. There you will see people walking into the lot who are leaving. They will be able to let you have their parking space. Ask politely if they are leaving and would they mind you following to have their spot; it takes the hassle out of having to fight for a parking space with other drivers. This strategy takes lots of patience. If you have an appointment, it is also smarter to get there early so you can park well before your appointment.

Double Parking is an Option

You may want to take the chance to double park while waiting for a space to become available. This will take a while, as you will be waiting for the chance someone will be leaving, so you can take their space. There is a downside to double parking; you may get a ticket. If you are willing to take this chance, then the gamble is yours. Never park in a Handicap spot! This is unethical. Your good conscience, as well as thoughtfulness for the person who really needs the spot, must outweigh your need for a parking space.